Uceap Student Agreement

If I study abroad, can I graduate on time? Yes! Most students progress steadily toward their degrees while studying abroad. As you plan your studies abroad, meet with university advisors from your primary and secondary section and college to discuss how the courses you want to take abroad will help you meet your graduation needs. EAP Reciprocity students are considered priority students, allowing you to register during the „priority enrollment phase“ before your first term. For fall students, registration starts in mid-July. For winter starters, registration begins in early November. The UCSC Registrar has frequently asked questions about registration and frequently asked questions about registration here to make it easier for you to navigate the MyUCSC system. Exchange students come to UC Santa Cruz as part of the University of California`s Educational Abroad Program (UCEAP). Students in this program are called „EAP Reciprocity Students“ by campus because of the „mutual“ exchanges with current UC Santa Cruz students. Each UCI student is assigned an account that offers free access to email. To use your UCI Email account, you must activate your UCInetID. Email is the main method of communication between the Study Abroad Center and mutual students. You need to have emails and read regularly. Without them, you will miss important information! The University of California (UC) is a world-renowned research university and the largest public university in the state of California.

UC is at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation and serves both students and PhD students. As part of the UC Education Abroad Program, the university welcomes mutual students from more than 100 partner institutions in some thirty countries. Will studying at UC be part of your future? The programme aims to help EAP Reciprocity students adapt as quickly as possible to the life of the UCI. Participation in the programme will give you the opportunity to meet and befriend a UCI student and learn more about what awaits you during your stay here. EAP Reciprocity students are not required to pay a UCI registration fee, but all students are graded with the mandatory health insurance fee. In some cases, you may also be responsible for lab fees, studio fees, etc. In order for your registration fee to be waived on your UCI Zot account, the Study Abroad Center enters an electronic „non-payment“ online as follows: You can see a „Hold“ comment on R`Web informing you that your payment of financial aid is frozen because you are not registered. Registration is a prerequisite for the payment of grants, so this comment is automatically displayed to all students who are not enrolled in courses at UCR. As you are not enrolled in UCR units, you can ignore this message, as your education advisor abroad will file documents to confirm your registration status abroad. Read all your messages about a „hold“ as they may not relate to financial aid and your experience abroad. EAP Reciprocity students should follow the same guidelines as set out here for J-1 students when it comes to maintaining status..

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