Tlp Agreement

As part of the agreement, the country will not send an ambassador to France and French products will be boycotted at the government level. There has been no official confirmation of the agreement by the government, but the Ministry of Interior has announced the immediate release of all detainees in the last two days from different parts of Punjab. A radical Sunni Islamist party said on Friday it was ending its anti-France protests after reaching an agreement with the government. She said the authorities agreed to release the protesters and sever diplomatic relations with France. Members of the extremist group Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) waved copies of an agreement bearing the signatures of at least two ministers. But later on Tuesday, the government hinted that the problem was still unresolved. Nor did he confirm how a boycott would work. According to a written agreement shared by Khadim Hussain Rizzi`s son, Saad Rizvi, with SAMAA Digital, the government will „expel“ the French ambassador within two to three months with a consensus of Parliament. The French Embassy has not yet pronounced on the TLP government agreement. The agreement presented to the media bears the signatures of the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Minister of the Interior.

It says the government will also let Parliament decide whether the French ambassador should be expelled. The Pakistani government has not commented on the so-called agreement. The agreement was signed in the early hours of Tuesday by Ijaz Shah, Pakistan`s interior minister, and Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri, the minister of religious affairs. The agreement signed between the two parties contains four provisions. First, that the government will raise the question of the expulsion of the French ambassador to Parliament „within two or three months“. It is also said that the government „will not appoint its ambassador to France.“ Asked about the conditions under which the protesters would leave Faizabad, the minister said the TLP would announce the points of the agreement to begin. The agreement states that Pakistan „will totally boycott French goods at the government level.“ When contacted, Qadri said he was in Lahore when the prime minister called him and he both discussed the agenda. He expressed hope that an agreement would be signed with the TLP, after which the protesters would soon disperse. „We are cancelling our protests after the government signed an agreement that it would officially support a boycott of French products,“ Ejaz Ashrafi, a spokesman for the group, told Reuters news agency. The agreement with the TLP leaders was signed by Home Minister Ijaz Shah, Minister of Religious Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri and Islamabad Commissioner Aamir Ahmed.

The sit-in also ended following an agreement with the government that guaranteed protesters immunity from prosecution and secured the resignation of the government`s justice minister. The agreement stipulates that, within three months, the government will take a decision by Parliament on the expulsion of the French ambassador, will not appoint its ambassador to France and will release all arrested TLP workers. The government will not register a lawsuit against TLP leaders or workers, even if they stop the sit-in. •Protesters continue to occupy Faizabad •No official confirmation of the agreement He addressed participants in the march after the leaders of his group signed an agreement with the government`s negotiating team. . . .