Company Ipad Use Agreement

Suppose IT and legal departments establish a policy and process that allows them to „delete“ an employee`s iPhone and iPad (paid and personal) within 24 hours of job separation – are there reasons not to implement them? This wisdom of quantity (members` discussion) deals with the use of iPads, smartphones, etc., by company employees and the impact of this use on privacy issues, possible litigation and labor laws involving non-posted workers. It is the [A]ct that makes it illegal for me to access another person`s computer without permission, and has been used against employees who abandon and take away electronic documents. I wouldn`t be surprised if this law applied to the IT division/company.v How should companies treat employees who require their iPads and other personal devices (iPhones, Blackberry, etc.) to be configured for use with company systems? (The fear is that they will have confidential and proprietary information on their personal devices.) What if they finance part of the purchase? More serious – this seems like a universal guideline, unless every employee has a strong state security clearance.