Software License Agreement In Italiano

The decisione del Giudice di Pace e stata confermata in appello dal Tribunale di Firenze (con sentenza n. 2526/2010) e persino in Cassazione (19161/2014). Il giudice di legittimita ha analizzato il contratto di licenza d`uso del software (l`eula relativa al sistema operativo preinstallato nel computer) affermando poi che tra il contratto di vendita del computer e la licenza d`uso del software non esiste collegamento negoziale e che al primo avvio del computer abbia manifestato la will negativa rispetto all`uso del software, ha diritto al rimborso della parte di prezzo riferibile a detto software. The impossibility da parte dell`utente di leggere i termini del contratto di licenza prima dell`acquisto del programma software rende tale sistema contrattuale esposto a discussioni e polemiche sulla de validiti suoi termini, sulle modality di accettazione e sulle modality di rest rendzione e rimborso. For the exclusive use of the first copy of the software by the main user. [MS-EN] 38The analysis of the English agreements and their translations reveals some obvious differences that are often the result of pragmatic needs. This is done, for example. B in the first part of the Microsoft Agreement: 36In the case of the EULAs, the ST made available to translators is generally the subject of a provisional adaptation (using localization and domestication strategies) by the company`s legal department. For example, the elimination of the scenario in which this product is purchased in Canada is related to the improbability of such an event when the agreement is intended for an Italian-speaking audience. The scope for applicability of this clause would be particularly limited and would therefore not be relevant, but merely aggravating. Pragmatically, this also corresponds to the principles of Gricean (1975), in particular to the maxim of quantity and ratio.

16In the examples cited, it is always stated in the language clause (if any) that the English version governs the agreement in all texts in which English is the ST and which presents the same principle in TTs. Similarly, all texts originally written in the Italian language, despite their transnational nature, find that the version in power is the Italian version and, in some cases, it is indicated that the translated versions have only an informative function. This indicates that, despite their legal validity, TTs are slightly lower than TTs. 2.3. Beta and trial version. If Cisco grants you rights to use existing Cisco technology on a trial, evaluation, beta or other free basis („software and evaluation services“), you can only use the software and evaluation services temporarily for the limited period of time by the license key or written by Cisco.