River Ure Access Agreement

The trip from Sleningford to Ripon contains some of Yorkshire`s most beautiful landscapes. After the Slenningford Rapids, the river has calmed down, but it has moving water and several small rapids almost all the way to Ripon, making it a superb intermediate step. At a normal level, the section below Ripon is probably the best place for open canoe trips and river excursions. To access access, return to the main street, turn left. Take the next direction towards Mickley. Just behind the village, there is a small Layby (right) where you can ride, but you miss Hack Falls. Continue to the end of this road, turn right. You will soon arrive in a village. The road carries hard here (don`t head straight for the other road, as I usually do).

About a mile ameile of the village you will see a gate in a forest on the left. Park here, but don`t block the door. A few meters further, the road on the right side is a door and a sign pointing towards Hack Falls. Follow this path. The main advantage of this site is of course its location on the banks of the river, which will allow Paddler to enjoy this magnificent section of the River Ure. In summary, the site has the potential to offer: before the search for Revd. Dr Caffyn has tried for 50 years by the British Canoe Union and Canoe England to agree with landowners and fishing interests on river sharing without any significant benefit. These agreements, which were concluded, were generally very restrictive.

If you plan to continue paddling on the river, above Ripon, there are several sections to consider. The river runs from degree 1 to degree 5 of white water. This means that many of them are only suitable for experienced paddlers. Be sure to explore the route you`re paddling before you set off. There are a number of motorhomes that can take a tent and at least one campsite, but it is probably easier to choose a place to camp. It is not too difficult. There are several villages and towns near the river for the necessary supply and a leg course. The most notable section is the Class 5 rapids at Aysgarth Falls. From here to the Wensley Bridge, grade 4 can be reached in high waters, but otherwise the rest of the river is a nice 2-3 class. For grade 1 sections go to the wider parts of the river.

The inclusion of the reference to Roman law, in the absence of evidence that it has never been different, justifies our assertion that there is and has always existed a public right to navigation on all the rivers of England and Wales, which is subject only to the physical constraints of the river and the size/nature of the crafts it uses. Mike Millington, August 2004…` It seems strange to do a UK run-up run in mid-August! We did the Falls hack up to Slenningford Water Mill Section last night, in the largest water I`ve rowed in this river in 20 years. The non-stop deluge, environmental flood agency warned a mild summer evening for a very fun/hairy race. For those who catch the river at this level (between 2 3 at Camping Gauge across the bridge), be careful in front of the following…. It was quite difficult to climb to Grewelthorpe, as some sections of flooded road were actually arriving on the river, which proved difficult because of the height of the speed, that is, the speed that crossed the trees at a speed of knots! Hack tomb was a large bouncy castle, but sported a wide wave of river (with large stoppers on the left) as you entered the fast. The Mickley Dam needs great care, because there is not a wide ugly river stopping any way to inspect on the right bank (walks through the trees again).