General Relief Annual Agreement

11 person in THE CASE EXCEPTION as exempted in the following: Shared Ownership of Property, see GR Community Property, see GR Responsible Relative, see GR Non Income, see GR Verification: of the battered/dv status is recorded in Case Comments: This should include a summary of the individual s statement that they have been battered or a victim of DV (including the past of acts of violence), and any contacts with district DV Liaison, as well. Case comments should also include batterED/DV CASE rating. Applications for people with difficulties/dv will be expedited and the person will be helped to complete all necessary documentation to determine eligibility. The strict confidentiality of each place of residence must be preserved. For more information on the VIOLENCE Against Women Act (VAWA), please consult GR. Yes, GR can be used for assistance and assistance to refugees when the eligibility period for Safe Cash Assistance (RCA) has expired. Authorization for CAR benefits and medical assistance to refugees only eight (8) months after the refugee`s entry into the United States. NOTE: Refugee families that are expiring in CAR must first apply for CalWORK and, if they are found to be ineligible, they must then apply for GRs. All GR rules, including family assistance and special assistance for people with mental disabilities, apply to late refugees in GR care. For more details, see GR Needs Special Assistance. 21 Recourse Procedure Refusal/Penalty Refusal/Penalty Actions? If the person receives a notice of refusal and wishes to complain about the rejection of the application, the person is referred to the Denial of Liaison Complaint in the District. The complaint link is a designated ES that has the power to waive a refusal/sanction action. If the complaint cannot be resolved with the complaint link denial, the person is informed of the required verification described in the previous question.

GR Request from law enforcement GR Individual Responsibility GR Individual Responsibility How are law enforcement requests handled? Responsibility for disclosing information to law enforcement rests exclusively with the government`s investigation and response department.