Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Divorce Agreement

For any previous marriage, the patist spouse (the U.S. or current green card holder) and the spouse applying for a green card must present a photocopy or certified copy (carrying the seal or stamp of the issuing office) of their final decree on divorce. You must also bring the original document or certified copy in accordance with your interview on the green card. Please send a copy of your U.S. passport in addition to the above ID cards, if you apply from a foreign country that needs a passport to travel. Both parties to the divorce would receive a certified copy. It is important that you keep the decree in a safe place, as several public institutions and private companies may require it to verify your marital status. However, if you lose the order, there are a few ways to get an additional copy if you need it. If you are not involved in the divorce, obtaining a copy of the divorce decree may require additional papers. If a previous marriage ended in the death of your spouse or nullity, you must provide a photocopy of your spouse`s death certificate or certificate of nullity (see below for instructions for obtaining these documents). You must also bring the original or authenticated copy of these documents to the maintenance of your green card, according to the applicable rules.

If you have applied for divorce abroad, you can find information about the issuing authority in your home country – including name, current fees and procedures for obtaining an official copy – on the U.S. State Department website. (On the left page of the site, you must select the first letter of your country`s name, select your country and click on the „Marriage, Divorce Certificates“ tab for details.) To find your divorce papers, the court will need the business number. If you don`t know your divorce number, you can try searching for your case online by searching the court`s case information portal and searching for your spouse`s name („party name“) at the time of the divorce. In general, divorce protocols for the past 10 years can be found on this site. Fill out the „request for copies“ and „e-mail“ form or place the form and payment at the courthouse, to which you request a copy of the minutes. How to get a copy of an absolute or final order decree depends on the information you have about divorce, dissolution or cancellation.