Service Concession Agreement

In addition, there is no specific IFRS in the event that an operator sublet its right of access to infrastructure to a third party as part of a service concession agreement. However, this article will contribute to the analysis of applicable IFRS in accordance with the requirements of the standard. The road construction market; The type of contract is a public-private service concession agreement. The operator is paid for his services for the duration of the agreement or has the right to charge users for the services provided. A contract between the beneficiary and the operator establishes performance standards, pricing mechanisms and dispute resolution rules. [IFRIC 12:2] In some cases, the manager may upgrade existing infrastructure and maintain and operate the updated infrastructure. This second type of arrangement is sometimes referred to as the „rehabilitation operations transfer regime.“ A service concession agreement is an agreement whereby a government or other public body enters into contracts with a private operator for the development (or modernization), operation and maintenance of the funder`s infrastructure resources such as roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, energy distribution networks, prisons or hospitals. The donor controls or defines the services that the operator must provide using the assets, to whom and at what price, and also controls any significant residual interest in the assets at the end of the term of the agreement. The guide is intended to serve as a vision tool for the reader when applying the IFRIC 12 Service Concession Arrangements, as well as an analysis of IFRIC 12 requirements and practical guides with examples that address some of the more complex issues related to service concession agreements.

The guide contains guidelines on the scope, the definition of the accounting model, the specific characteristics of common concessions (take-pay agreements, capacity availability, etc.) and much more. Click on the IFRIC 12 service concession agreements – A practical Taschen guide (PDF 241k, February 2011, 59 pages). Example: the construction of a hospital as part of a concession agreement between public and private services; Terms of reference: the operator receives from the funder according to the actual occupancy at the hospital.