Red Cross Full Service Training Agreement

This full-service training agreement („agreement“) sets out the conditions under which the American Red Cross („Red Cross“) and its own certified instructors („instructors“) will provide training to your employees, members and volunteers in certain Red Cross-sponsored rescue and other courses (a combined „courses“ and „courses“). If the client has a form to be sent by the Red Cross, email the form to In the subject line, you indicate the ACH requirement. The Red Cross officer finalizes the requirement. We look forward to your interest in training for your workplace or organization. You can speak to a representative, who can talk about your training options by calling 1-800-567-1487 M-F 9:00 – 18:00 ET – 18:00 et 18:00 and: participants can print digital certificates in the format of the Wallet card cut by a printed page by regularly printing 8 x 11 white card sheets, stock or standard business cards. If you are unable to print your own card or do not want to print it, you can apply for a printed certificate in For each printed certificate application, the shipping and processing fee is charged at $7.95 and an expedited shipping option is also available for an additional fee. Please send and provide a clear copy of the front and back of your cancelled cheque. Our agents will search you and contact them for other questions. They are informed that the payment was applied to the invoice to which it was intended. Cancellation conditions are set by each training provider, please visit the LTP website for facilities policies. NOTE: If the product has been damaged or received defective, please contact the Red Cross shop.

Items that were obtained in such a state are returned in exchange for a replacement or a full refund. B. An organization that reserves a group course, including an organization that reserves individual places in a group course, receives an invoice that the organization must pay in full before the course begins. If the client`s company has a training contract on Red Cross training services, the Red Cross can already be set up in the lender system. If the client is not sure, please send an email to the forms that the Red Cross must fill out to All orders will be processed as soon as credit card authorization and verification become available. Orders are shipped Monday to Friday, without public holidays. There is no weekend service. If the class has been taken in the last three years, a digital certificate is available.

Switch to and enter the following information (name and surname, end date of class and postcode of training location). You will then be able to view the digital certificate, print it, order or share a wallet card. Make sure the validity of the certificate has not expired. Please send an email and enter your Org ID account and the email address where you must receive the eInvoice invoice. We send an email with a link to the PDF of the invoice. EInvoices are sent on the same schedule as mailed invoices. In order to allow customers to receive a copy of previous or unpaid invoices, the customer must contact the customer by phone (888) 284-0607 or by email to

Successful American Red Cross class can print digital wallet-sized certificates with an 8 x 11 sheet white paper, card reserves or standard business cards. If you are unable to print your own card or do not want to print it, you can apply for a printed certificate in B.